Augustine For Today

October 30

“O God, what do I love when I love you? It is not bodily beauty nor graceful movements nor brilliant light. Nor is it the sweet melodies of songs. It is not the smell of flowers or ointments or fine spices nor is it the taste of honey on bread. When I love you, I don’t love something that can be hugged in fleshly embrace. It is not these things that I love when I love you, my God. Yet when I love you I do love something like a light or a pleasant smell or a warm embrace that penetrates deep inside me. When I love you a light shines in my soul and there is an eternal melody and a fragrance that never dissipates and a taste that never loses its savor. And, in some way I am embraced by a hug that I never tire of. This is what it is like to love you, my God.”

Confessions, 10.6.8