Augustine For Today


“We are indeed fortunate if we also actually do what we hear and sing. Our hearing, you see, is the sowing, our doing is the fruit of the seed. A field which produces thistles after wheat is sown in it should look forward to the bonfire, not the barn. So too, those people who hear good things and do bad things should not expect for themselves the barn of the kingdom of heaven, but that fire of which it is said, Go into the eternal fire, which has been prepared for the devil and his angels. With these few opening words I wish to warn you, dearly beloved, not to come fruitlessly to church by hearing so many good things and yet not acting well. Instead, following the goodness of the sower and the seed which is the word of God, let a wonderfully abundant crop of good works spring up in your characters and your lives as in good soil, and so you may look forward to the coming of the farmer, who is now preparing a barn to put you in.”

Sermon 23A, 1