Our Easter Wish to You

The holy, glad day of the Lord’s resurrection has shone forth today to all. Let us rejoice, brothers and sisters, for this is the day the Lord has made: the mother of all good days, the origin of immortal life, the beginning of all our glory. Therefore on the day of this solemnity so venerable, let us offer congratulations both to Christ and ourselves. To Christ, I say, who, after the victory of the cross, brought back spoils from his enemies . . . to ourselves, because we now see the likeness of our future resurrection and gaze upon the sight of our hoped-for glory in Christ. It is our glory that we consider; it is our beauty the we venerate; our resurrection has begun in Christ and will be brought in us in his time.

Saint Thomas of Villanova, Easter Sunday, Sermon 1, 1-2

The Augustinian Friars of the Province of
Saint Thomas of Villanova
Send Sincere Best Wishes and Prayerful Remembrance

That the Joy of the Easter Mystery
May Fill your Heart and Renew your Spirit