Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year C

Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem for the last time. He had about eight days to live. As he was passing through the business community of Jericho he paused for a day to have dinner with a new found friend named Zacchaeus.

It was an unusual event. Zacchaeus was far from a religious zealot. He was in fact the chief tax collector of the area, a man involved in many businesses, and very, very rich. He was not a terribly bad man, only very busy about business. Probably 7/8 of his fortune had been made honestly and that made him almost a saint in that wheeling/dealing town. He never was against God, mind you; he just didn’t have time for him. Thus it was quite strange that he should feel a need to see the God-man Jesus as he passed by.

Augustine For Today

November 1 – ALL SAINTS

“The saints are those who are moved by God’s grace to do whatever good they do. Some are married and have intercourse with their spouse sometimes for the sake of having a child and sometimes just for the pleasure of it. They get angry and desire revenge when they are injured but are ready to forgive when they are asked. They are very attached to their property but will freely give at least a modest amount to the poor. They will not steal from you but are quick to take you to court if you try to steal from them. They are realistic enough to know that God should get the main credit for the good they do. They are humble enough to admit that they are the source of their own evil acts. In this life God loves them for their good acts and gives forgiveness for their evil, and in the next life they will join the ranks of those who will reign with Christ forever.”

Against Two Letters of the Pelagians, 3.5.14