A Message from the Prior Provincial



One week ago, we celebrated the Feast of our Patroness, Saint Rita of Cascia, honoring her as Peacemaker and Advocate of Reconciliation. The events of recent days, provoked in Minneapolis with the killing of Mr. George Floyd, and now extended in violence across our country, make all too clear again just how urgently our society is in need of peace. It is a peace that will result not from the mere cessation of riots, but from the acknowledgment of shame and sorrow over the violation of human dignity through the abuse of power and the denial of personal rights that are all too common. Saint Rita, pray for us, that we may recognize the work still to be done to secure respect for every person, eliminate all injustice and bigotry from our hearts and actions, so that the peace we seek will be constructed on the foundation of justice for all.

Fr. Michael Di Gregorio, O.S.A., Prior Provincial