June 4 – Blessed James of Viterbo

Bishop The life of Blessed James of Viterbo, whom we commemorate today, reminds us of the importance of placing our gifts at the service of others. In this way we find, as he did, the path that leads to our own personal growth and holiness, while at the same time bringing enrichment to others. The […]

June 12 – Saint John of Sahagún

Priest There are some individuals of selfless heart who find little satisfaction in life unless they give of themselves continually and without reservation. Saint John was one such person who repeatedly divested himself of honors and privileges in order to gain the inheritance of eternal happiness. In doing so, he enriched the lives of others […]

May 22 – Saint Rita of Cascia

Religious Today we celebrate the feast of one of the most well-known saints of our Order and one of the most popular of the Church. This attractiveness is due in part to Saint Rita’s experience of many challenges in life, met always with great confidence in God and exemplary courage. She thus offers a valid […]

May 12 – Blessed William Tirry

Priest and Martyr We celebrate the memory of another martyr today on the Augustinian calendar of saints, William Tirry, an Irish friar who died rather than deny his faith. He was taken prisoner as he was about to celebrate Mass, for it was against the law to be a priest in 17th Century Ireland. Though […]

May 8 – Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady of Grace is another of the several titles by which Augustinians have traditionally venerated the Blessed Virgin. In fact it is the oldest among these. From the moment that she received the angel’s greeting and gave her consent to God’s invitation to become the mother of the Word made flesh, Mary became the […]

April 23 – Blessed Helen of Udine

Blessed Helen is one of the several lay women whose memory is celebrated by the Order. She is, thus, a reminder that Augustinian spirituality is not the exclusive possession of religious only. Our Order has a long and rich tradition of lay men and women walking the same path of Augustinian inspired  values professed by […]

April 24 – The Conversion of Saint Augustine

The story of a soul’s journey to God is what we celebrate today in the feast of the Conversion of Saint Augustine. Or, perhaps, we might also say, the story of God’s tireless pursuit of his beloved and the attentiveness and openness of that soul at last to God’s love. Conversion, or the turning to […]

April 26 – Our Mother of Good Counsel

We honor Mary in the Church under many titles. Today’s celebration is one particularly dear to Augustinians throughout the world. The tender image of mother and child is at one and the same time so very human and so illustrative of a deep spiritual truth. Mary, mother of her infant son, is also his first […]

March 19 – Saint Joseph, Husband of the Virgin Mary, Protector of the Order

The General Chapter of 1491, celebrated in Rome, decreed: “In all the houses and monasteries of our Order the Office of Saint Joseph, whose feast is the 19th of March, is to be celebrated.” In 1722 the Order obtained the faculty of celebrating the patronage of Saint Joseph on the third Sunday of Easter, following […]

February 3 – Blessed Stephen Bellesini

We celebrate today the memory of Blessed Stephen Bellesini, a man who lived during a difficult period of the Church’s history at the turn of 19th Century Italy. His vocation as an Augustinian religious was severely tried by strong anticlerical government regulations. Nevertheless, he did not withdraw in shame, nor did he become embittered by external challenges. Rather, he redoubled his commitment and persevered in his resolved, giving himself generously in the service of others, most especially the poor, the disadvantaged and the infirm.