Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year B

At the time today’s first reading from the Book of Leviticus was written, people were ignorant about the cause and cure of leprosy, but they did know one thing and that was the devastating impact the disease had on the society of the Jewish people.

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year B

It’s an extraordinary teacher who can hold his or her students spellbound. Yet that is what Mark, in today’s Gospel, tells us that Jesus did as he began to teach in the synagogue this certain day.

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year B

We have to admit that this was a HUGE week for us, historic even. Everyone was talking about it, anticipating it, as if the whole world stopped, to tune in for that one moment, a moment we have all been waiting for: the return of Villanova basketball after four weeks of being on hold due to Covid and extended quarantine.

Second Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year B

“Here I Am. Speak, Your Servant is Listening”

God does not only call holy people like the prophet Samuel and the two disciples, as we hear in our readings today.

Solemnity of Christ the King – Year A

All Hail to Christ Our King! All Hail to Christ Our King!

Our Lord Jesus was heralded as the Newborn King in the Incarnation, in the line of the Great King David, and was adored by Magi from the East.

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time- Year A

Here we go again! Jesus is telling a story (a parable) to his disciples who understand the imagery of an owner of a property giving responsibility to servants while he is away but, as is common, the point Jesus is making isn’t what the disciples would expect.

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time- Year A

Recently, I was up in Connecticut for a high school class reunion, 45 years, and driving up Route 91, I drove past a mountain crest I hiked on when I was a Boy Scout in grammar school.