The Riley family shares the importance of the Augustinian presence found at Malvern Preparatory School


From ‘Q & A with Brian Riley P’21’26, Malvern Prep Trustee and Parent’, featured in the Malvern Preparatory School magazine.

What was your first introduction to the Augustinians?

We first met the Augustinians when our son, Jack, enrolled at Malvern Prep. We realized that the Friars were going to be instrumental in our son’s faith formation. In a society where messages can pull our youth into different directions, we began to see the Augustinians as our partners in raising our children in their Christian faith.

How has your involvement with the Augustinians and Malvern Prep enriched your life?

Christ is at the center of our faith community, and the Augustinians have brought that community to life at Malvern Prep, at Villanova, and to our extended faith community in Philadelphia and beyond. Most people today are not part of such a strong community, and we feel blessed to be welcomed into something so special and unique. We have come to view the Friars not just as leaders in our faith, but as friends.

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