Saint William the Hermit and Blessed John the Good

October 23

“What does ‘walking’ mean? It means to ‘keep on going.’ So, keep on moving my friends. Examine yourself without self-deception, without flattery. There is no one inside you before whom you need to be ashamed, no one that you need to impress. Of course, God is there but he is pleased with your humility. You must be dissatisfied with the way you are now if you ever want to get to where you are not yet. When you are self-satisfied, you get stuck where you are. If you say to yourself, ‘That’s enough; I need not go farther,’ it is then that you die. Keep on walking, don’t stop on the road, don’t turn around and go back. Especially don’t wander off the road by turning away from Christ. A lame man limping along the road goes farther towards God than a sprinter running off the road.”

Sermon 169, 18