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Priors General of the Three Augustinian Orders
Meet, Affirm Dialogue and Collaboration

Joint Message of the Three Orders: Order of Saint Augustine (O.S.A.); Order of Augustinian Recollects (O.A.R.); Order of Discalced Augustinians (O.A.D.) 
“Together and with one voice, we wish to give praise to the Lord for the grace of the living presence of the Augustinian charism in the heart of the Church. In the name of the three Orders, we send this message as an account of what the Lord is inspiring us to do. 
On February 14, 2020, the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the three general councils of the Augustinians, Augustinian Recollects and Discalced Augustinians met together at the General Curia of the O.S.A. for a moment of sharing, celebration and fraternity…”

Augustine and Catholic Social Teaching

Are you curious about how St. Augustine might have reacted to many of the major social justice issues of today?
Join the Office of Justice and Peace for the first in a series titled: Augustine and Catholic Social Teaching on March 18th from 7:30-8:30 pm.
Fr. Kevin DePrinzio, O.S.A.
will give the first presentation and the entire program will be offered electronically, meaning that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can attend. So form a group of fellow parishioners or friends and join us!


The digital interactive copy of the Winter Augustinian Magazine is now available! 
Br. Dan Madden, O.S.A.



Elizandro Contreras, O.S.A.
reflect on professing their solemn vows in our
Vocation Motivation
Fr. David Cregan, O.S.A.
dives deep into Catholic Christian spirituality in his article,
Mind, Body, Soul
And learn about our newest Augustinian Affiliates in
An Augustinian Thread of Common Good
, by
Fr. Joseph Genito, O.S.A.

Shrine Healing Mass is in the News!

Did you miss the story about the Shrine’s Healing Mass on the news this past weekend?

Augustinian Volunteers Take Part
in Community Retreats

Pictured: the San Diego community on their retreat last week.
(l-r) Jacob Robinson, Marty Palmasani, Keara McNulty, and Claire Leroux

Each February, Augustinian Volunteers serving in Lawrence, MA; Philadelphia, PA; San Diego, CA; and Ventura, CA have the opportunity to take part in a small community retreat led by AV staff. These retreats allow for volunteers to focus on their spirituality, work on their relationships with one another, and explore a new region of the area in which they are serving.

Augustinians Return to Southwest Florida

The Augustinians gathered with over 140 friends for a Celebration of Mass and a reflection on Augustinian Spirituality in Southwest Florida. Although the Augustinians are not physically present in Florida, we are grateful for the many friends who continue to collaborate with us.

February 22
“The medicine for all the wounds of the soul, and the one propitiation for the offenses of men is to believe in Christ … They who believe in him become the children of God; because they are born of God by the grace of adoption, which is by faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Sermon 143.1