Charles A. Beckerman, O.S.A.

1890 – 1933 (January 25)

Charles Aloysius Beckerman, son of George Beckerman and Karoline Klein-Akernau, was born in Veen, Prussia, on September 28, 1890. His primary education was obtained at Saint Alphonsus and at Saint Vincent schools, Philadelphia. From Saint Vincent Orphanage, Tacony, Pennsylvania, he entered the Augustinian Preparatory Scholasticate, Saint Rita Hall, Villanova. He was received as a novice on July 4, 1907, and made profession of vows on July 6, 1908.

In the same year he was sent to Saint Monica’s International College, Rome, for his theological studies. On July 25, 1913, he was ordained to the priesthood in Rome. His first Mass was offered at Santa Maria del Popolo on July 27, 1913. For the next decade he studied and taught in Rome, earning a licentiate in sacred Scripture at the Biblicum Institute. At the outbreak of World War I, however, he was seized by the German government and forcibly conscripted into the German Army where he served as a censor of mail.

Upon his return to the United States in 1922, Father Beckerman taught theology and Sacred Scripture at Saint Mary’s Hall and philosophy at the College. He later taught at Augustinian College, Washington DC, when the theological studium, was transferred there. In Washington he was also provincial secretary and socius. In 1931 he was called back to Rome to stand for the examination for the degree of regency and master in theology. While on his way back to the United States he suffered a stroke in Germany, from which he never completely recovered. He died in Misericordia Hospital, Philadelphia, on January 25, 1933.

Father Beckerman is buried in the Community Cemetery at Villanova.