Joseph Briody, O.S.A.

Briody Joseph-17.jpeg

1837 – 1898 (May 29)

Joseph Briody, son of Thomas Briody and Elizabeth Kavanaugh, was born in Old Castle, County Meath, Ireland, and was baptized on February 26, 1837. He was vested at Villanova, Pennsylvania on September 2, 1888, and, following the completion of his novitiate experience, professed vows on February 12, 1896.

Brother Joseph served for 10 years at Villanova where he had charge of the college clothes room and dormitories. He died on May 29, 1898, Pentecost Sunday, at the age of 67, and was buried in the Community Cemetery at Villanova, on May 31, 1898. A notation in Fr. Middleton’s notebook describes him as “a good Brother, hard-working, taciturn and very recollected.”