Patrick H. Bohmann, O.S.A.

1901 – 1984 (September 22)

William Heinrich Bohmann was born on July 22, 1901, in Cloppenburg, Oldenburg, Germany, one of three sons and four daughters of Herman Bohmann and Johanna Balhmann. In 1928 he emigrated to Canada, and, in 1931, moved to the Bronx, New York. Later he relocated to Philadelphia where he worked in the Belmont Mansion, Fairmount Park, from April 1932 to April 1934.

Twenty-fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year A

This parable may sound as if it described an imaginary situation, but that is far from the case. Apart from the terms of payment, the parable describes the kind of thing that frequently happened in Palestine, when the grape harvest ripened towards the end of September, and close on its heels the rains came. Any worker was welcome…