Twenty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year C

Today’s Gospel story asks the ultimate question: “What seats do you have?” Jesus tells a parable about the seats people want at a banquet to some Pharisees. In other words, Jesus teaches a group of educated, competitive, hard-working people with acquired tastes – a group of people a lot like me, and perhaps you, too.

Augustine For Today


“What you procure for yourself you must also obtain for your neighbor, so that he also may love God with a perfect love. You do not love your neighbor as yourself unless you try to lead him to the same good towards which you are striving.”

            On the Customs of the Catholic Church 49

This Day in Province History: August 30, 1876

Augustinian Bishop Tomas Galberry, formerly first prior provincial of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, broke ground for the new cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut, which he would not live to see completed.