Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B

There is a story about a young man named Jim who entered religious life. He lived in a monastery with six other classmates.

One of his classmates named John made a lot of noise to draw attention to himself. Everything that he opened, he slammed shut. If he opened a door, he slammed it shut. If he opened a window, he slammed it shut. If he opened a drawer, he slammed it shut. Hence, throughout the monastery, all that people heard daily was slam, slam, slam, slam, slam.

The Twin Feasts of Saints Monica and Augustine

Dear Friends of the Augustinians,

This weekend we friars celebrate with the entire Church, the twin feasts of Saints Monica and Augustine, warmly remembered by many as the mother of hope and the son of desire. How fitting that they are commemorated side by side, she today and he tomorrow, for the path to holiness was one they traveled together.

Saint Monica, Mother of Saint Augustine

Monica was born in Tagaste, present day Algeria, in 331, to a deeply Christian family of some means. She was given in marriage to Patricius, a pagan, who was a small land-owner. Together they had three children, Augustine, Navigius, and a daughter whose name is not known to us. Strong of character as well as of faith, she sought to guide her family in their human and Christian development most of all by her own example and prayer but, when necessary, also by her persuasive words and diligent actions. Thus she brought her husband to discover the beauty of the Catholic faith, as well as the son of her many tears, Augustine.