Thirty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time • Year C

Jesus does not ever sugar coat His message, but always gives it to us straight. Life is beautiful, but life is also hard. Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God, but not immortal on our own, nor invulnerable to the trials of this world.

Augustine For Today

November 12 – SAINT JOSAPHAT

“The bread which you can see on the altar, sanctified by the word of God, is the body of Christ. That cup, or rather what the cup contains, sanctified by the word of God, is the blood of Christ. It was by means of these things that the Lord Christ wished to present us with his body and blood, which he shed for our sake for the forgiveness of sins. If you receive them well, you are yourselves what you receive. You see, the apostle says, We, being many, are one loaf, one body. That’s how he explained the sacrament of the Lord’s table; one loaf, one body, is what we all are, many though we be.”

Sermon 227

This Day in Province History: November 12, 1945

In his letter of this date in 1945 to Prior Provincial Mortimer Sullivan, Fr. John McKniff writes from Cuba, where he has been stationed since June, 1939, offering to return to the Philippines, which country he had been forced to leave because of his health.