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Mark Your Calendars!

It is not too late to participate in the 4-part
Justice and Peace Online Community Webinar Series
! Join us, with presenters;
Fr. Arthur Purcaro, O.S.A.,
and Michele R. Pistone,
Professor of Law at Villanova University,
on September 23rd at 7:30pm for Part 3: A Reflection on “Augustine on Catholic Social Teaching as Applied to the challenge of Immigration.”

Celebrating 70 Years of Friendship!

Our elderly and infirm friars living in St. Thomas of Villanova Monastery have been in quarantine since early March.
 to these five friars talk about their ministries, their retirement in the monastery and their friendship of 70 years.

Voices from Prison
Newsletter Update

Voices from Prison and the Edge
newsletter is not currently being mailed but is still available on the A.D.R.O.P. website.

An Introduction to the Confessions of Saint Augustine

Book VI
of the new series, An Introduction to the Confessions of Saint Augustine is here!

May 9
“We approach God not by walking but by loving. The purer our love for him toward whom we are striving, the more present to us will he be. To him, therefore, who is everywhere present and everywhere whole, we must proceed not by our feet but by our moral virtues, judged not by the object of our knowledge but by the object of our love.”

Letter 155, 13

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