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Opening Mass of the General Chapter

The Augustinian General Chapter has begun in Rome with the opening Mass in the Basilica of Saint Augustine on September 1.

: The 186th Ordinary General Chapter of the Order of Saint Augustine (O.S.A.) Chiclayo Bishop Robert F. Prevost, O.S.A., D.D., together with the Vicar General of the Order, Fr. Joseph L. Farrell, O.S.A. and the Prior General, Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton, O.S.A. after the Opening Mass for the 186th Ordinary General Chapter of the Order at the Basilica of Saint Augustine in Campo Marzio, Rome, Italy.

Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, O.S.A. 
Re-elected as Prior General

Monday, September 9, 2019, at their meeting in Rome of the 186th General Chapter of the Order of Saint Augustine, the chapter members reelected Alejandro Moral Antón, O.S.A. as Prior General, as well as
Jospeh Farrell, O.S.A., to a second term as Vicar General
. We offer our heartfelt gra
titude to Fr. Alejandro for accepting this service to continue to guide the Augustinian Order in the next six years in the role of Prior General. 
We pray for Fr. Alejandro and ask God to bless, guide, inspire and protect him and all the members of the Order of Saint Augustine as the Ordinary General Chapter 2019 continues its work in discussions, deliberations and decisions. 
Congratulations, Fr. Alejandro!

On September 13 at 10:20 am in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace, the Holy Father Francis received in an Audience the Participants in the General Chapter of the Order of St. Augustine.

Welcome 20th Class of Augustinian Volunteers!

On August 25th, Fr. Arthur Purcaro, O.S.A. celebrated the Commissioning Mass as the 20th Class of AV’s dedicated themselves to a year of service.
Channel 10 News team was there! Watch here:

The Augustinian Friars of the Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova are grateful to the many donors who provide support for our way of life and the ministries we perform.

A.D.R.O.P. Welcomes New Employee

A.D.R.O.P. recently hired Unity Clinic volunteer and A.D.R.O.P. board member, Jessica Eischen (pictured on left) to run the newly acquired English as a Second Language Program.
Jessica has years of experience teaching ESL in the community and will be an excellent asset to the team. Welcome to Jessica!

“I was in prison and you visited me”

A National Catholic Reporter Article
by Fr. Paul F. Morrissey, O.S.A.
“David enters the glass-enclosed room and greets me. We’ve met before, at the time he
was first arrested years ago. Like then, his
eyes strike me. Back then, I felt like Jesus Christ was looking out at me from his catatonic stare. It isn’t the same stare now. In his orange jumpsuit, with his hands and arms tightly
cuffed and chained together at his waist, he smiles tentatively. I glance at his feet where another set of chains
constrain him. Like an animal, I think. Could he be dangerous? Might
he feel extra vulnerable? I ask anyway,  “Can I hug you?” He nods yes
and I do. We sit in the two facing plastic chairs, and I move the small round table between us…”

Augustinian Laity Groups

The Secular Augustinian Chapter is open to practicing lay men and women who are willing to receive a Christian formation according to the Augustinian spirit and accept the responsibility of participating in the life of the Chapter.
Want to begin or join a group? Contact Fr. John Deary, O.S.A., Director of Augustinian Laity at
visit our website