Agustin Gonzalez Garcia, O.S.A.

1908 – 1963 (July 2)

Agustin Gonzalez Garcia, son of Quirino Gonzalez and Epifania Garcia, was born on April 14, 1908 at Orones, Leon, Spain. He was baptized two days later in the Parish of Santa Eugenia, and confirmed on September 20, 1911, in the Parish of Santa Marina de Vegamian. He was vested with the habit of the Order in Valladolid by Prior Anselmo Polanco on August 22, 1923, and professed vows before him on August 23, 1924.  He then studied philosophy at the Royal College Seminary, Valladolid, and theology at the Royal Monastery of the Escorial in Spain. He made his solemn profession before Father Polanco on April 16, 1929 in Valladolid. Agustin was sent to the Philippines in 1931 where he completed his final year of studies, and was ordained to the priesthood in the Church of San Agustin in Manila, on December 19, 1931.

As a member of the Spanish Philippine Province, Father Gonzalez taught at Saint Augustine College in Iloilo from 1931 to 1939. In this latter year, he left for the United States to begin graduate studies, and received his Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University, Washington, D.C. in 1941. In the Provincial Chapter of 1946 he was named Vice-Director of the College of Iloilo, but declined for reasons of health.

When World War II prevented his return to the Philippine Islands, Father Gonzalez was assigned to Augustinian Academy, Mount Saint Rita, Staten Island, New York. There he taught Spanish and directed the Spanish Augustinian Friars who were serving and studying in the Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova.

Father Gonzalez was 55 when he died of cancer at Mount Saint Rita, on July 2, 1963, after several years of poor health. He is buried in the Community Cemetery at Villanova.

Father Gonzalez was the author of various articles that appeared in Spanish publications. During his many years at Augustinian Academy he assisted several communities of religious sisters, and enjoyed a reputation both inside and outside the Academy as a friar of gentleness and gentlemanliness.