Augustine M. Maloney, O.S.A.

1902 – 1966 (April 1)

Augustine Michael Maloney was born on August 28, 1902, in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, to Michael J. Maloney and Teresa Ryan, and was baptized on September 8, 1902, in the church of Our Mother of Consolation, Chestnut Hill, Pa. In September, 1917, he entered Villanova Preparatory School, at St. Rita Hall, Villanova, Pa., and graduated in 1921. On June 25, 1921, he entered the novitiate at Villanova, professing first vows on September 27, 1922. In June 1925, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova College, and three months later, pursued theological studies at the International Augustinian College of St. Monica, Rome. On September 27, 1925, Augustine professed solemn vows in Genazzano, Italy. On July 29, 1928, he was ordained to the priesthood, in Rome. The following year he received a doctorate from the Roman Academy of St. Thomas.

Father Maloney returned to the United States in 1929 and received his first assignment to St. Rita High School in Chicago, Illinois. On April 5, 1930, he was assigned to the faculty of Augustinian Academy, Staten Island, New York. In 1932, he continued his teaching career at Augustinian College, Washington, D.C., where he remained until 1955. While in Washington, he taught Dogmatic and Moral Theology, held the position of Regent of Studies in 1936, and directed theologians in graduate studies. In 1938, he was elected Definitor to the Provincial, and in the Chapter of 1941, he was reelected to that position. 

Father Maloney was known for his thorough, precise and exacting teaching skills, which were projected with a commanding, piercing voice. Class after class, his unwavering reputation, remarked one student, grew from the fact that “he came into the classroom like a ferocious bear.” Disconcerting to some students was his habit of rubbing his hands together, latching on to one student and spending the entire class teaching to that person, while holding everyone’s attention. Although, in the classroom, he displayed a gruff exterior, outside of class, he was considered a gentle man. He allowed his playfulness to shine through a smile when he announced that he had a dentist appointment, “to have my teeth sharpened.” His expertise that fully prepared students for the oral examinations preceding the reception of Holy Orders.

On September 1, 1955, Father Maloney was assigned as assistant to the parish of Our Mother of Consolation in Chestnut Hill, Pa. Two years later, due to failing health, he was transferred to St. Thomas Monastery at Villanova, Pa., but on December 9, 1963, having regained his health, he returned to Our Mother of Consolation Parish. He died there on April 1, 1966. A parish Funeral Mass was held the following Monday and, then, on Tuesday, April 5, a Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated by Father James Sherman, Provincial, at St. Thomas of Villanova Church, Villanova, Pa. Father Robert Regan preached the homily. The interment followed the ceremony, at the Community Cemetery on the campus of Villanova University.