Galetto – The woman who raised the white marigold

Wedding of Laura Ashley Smith and Kyle David Pernelli

When I was a young boy I can remember having an existential crisis. Everyone would always ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I figured this must be a really important question because everyone wanted to know the answer. I knew I needed to find an answer and so one day I thought I would start to explore my options.

Caponi – Do not conform yourself to this age…

Wedding of Michael Corcoran and Jennifer Kelly

When he was about six-years-old, my nephew Matthew had a new toy, a Magic 8-Ball. I’m sure you’ve seen one: about twice the size of a softball, shiny black plastic, large number 8 on one side and a small round window on the other. You ask yes or no questions, turn the ball over, and a white object floats up through dark blue water with an answer written on it, something like “Without a doubt,” “Outlook good,” “Ask again later,” or “Very doubtful.”