I have worked with the Augustinians for close to 40 years now as the Office Manager at St. Thomas Monastery in Villanova, PA! My Augustinian Connection started when I was a Junior at Archbishop Prendergast High School in Drexel Hill, PA, and my Brother was a Seminarian at St. Augustine Friary in Villanova. The Augustinian Seminary Guild was looking for someone to input data entry on the new computer system and my Brother asked if I was interested. I would drive to Villanova after leaving Prendie, a few days a week, for the job. I continued working there through High School and beyond and eventually became the Office Manager of the Seminary Guild. After working at the Seminary Guild for 15 years, I transferred over to St. Thomas Monastery, where I have been the Office Manager for 23 years now! I always say that working for the Augustinians was MY vocation and not my brother’s as he eventually decided to pursue other endeavors. I can also say that at every low point, high point and every day in between, I have been blessed to have wonderful Augustinians by my side! So many have made a difference in my life, I cannot begin to name them all!

When I was working at the Seminary Guild, we were raising money to help support the elderly and infirm Augustinians and being at the Monastery enables me to see how the kind generosity of so many people directly helps the elderly and infirm Monastery residents. I say it all the time and I will state it in print…I cannot imagine working anywhere else!

—Lynn Walsh