Feast of St. Augustine & St. Monica | From the Desk of Fr. Rob

August 27, 2023

Dear friend of the Augustinians,
The Augustinian Order celebrates the feasts of Saint Monica and Saint Augustine on August 27 and 28. We celebrate these two special members of our family with the Church, the world and all of our Augustinian friends.
One of Saint Augustine’s core values was friendship, and it was through friendship that he encounters God. Augustine’s two most profound encounters with God were with those closest to him: on a bench with St. Alypius reading scripture and conversing; the other while talking and holding his mother, St. Monica’s, hand.
As friars, we are grateful for our Augustinian friends. Our lives are enriched by those with whom we pray, laugh, cry, talk, walk, work and live. Augustine is often referred to as the “Son of Tears.” His mother saw goodness and spirit within him that Augustine did not immediately see in himself.
Monica relentlessly prayed, counseled, pleaded and never gave up on her son. On this annual remembrance of such faith-filled devotion, we give thanks to those loyal family members and friends who have never given up on us through the twists and turns of life. We pray and stand in solidarity with all parents who anguish over their children and commend them all to the grace and redemption of our Lord.
The life of Saint Augustine reminds each and everyone of us that no one is beyond the reach of God’s infinite love and mercy. Augustine’s conversion story is our story. We share that same restless heart. Our heart is restless in a world that still lacks peace. Our heart is restless with the violence on our streets and in our schools. Our heart is restless with uncertainties, fears, and those who still feel the pain of discrimination.
Yet, we still remain hope-filled. We still believe in the transformation that can take place within every human heart through God’s grace. We hold firm to our Augustinian core that says: “Our heart is restless, until it rests in you.”
Let us continue to search for God and work for peace in the company of friends, reminded that no one is a stranger to one with an Augustinian heart. Hold on to those core values of veritas, caritas and unitas that lead to a better life for all.
As we celebrate these most important feasts, may God remove any worry, fear or anxiety within us, and replace them with peace, confidence and trust.
Shake off any fatigue or discouragement and let the inner teacher remind us of what is truly important. With a heart renewed, go forth to be instruments of light, love, grace and compassion.
In the spirit of Saint Monica and Saint Augustine and with the grace that comes from the Lord, may we all find peace for our restless heart and share that peace with the world.
Peace always,
Fr. Robert P. Hagan, O.S.A.
Prior Provincial