Feast of St. Thomas of Villanova | From the Desk of Fr. Rob

October 10, 2023

Dear friend of the Augustinians,

This week, we remember and celebrate in a special way Saint Thomas of Villanova, patron of our Province and our university, patron of studies for our Order, and patron of many other Augustinian ministries all around the world.

Thomas of Villanova was known as the Father of the Poor. He had a soft spot in his heart for those who had less, and he spent his whole life trying to share what he had with others. He was not content just to give to the poor, but was bold enough to ask the question: why are they poor? He worked to eradicate the structures and obstacles that hold people down.

We can do the same thing for the poor around us, and for those who are poor in spirit. We have that same soft spot in our hearts filled with grace – grace called to be shared with others. May we take inspiration from people like Saint Thomas of Villanova and remember that Jesus Christ became poor like us so that we could all become rich like Him.

Take your blessings and share them with the world. God bless you. Saint Thomas of Villanova, pray for us.

Peace always,
Fr. Robert P. Hagan, O.S.A.
Prior Provincial