Jerome C. Schmalz, O.S.A.

Schmalz Jerome-17.jpeg

1871 – 1894 (May 31)

Charles Schmalz was born in Rauenthal, Germany on February 26, 1871, to Richard Schmalz and Katharine Speck. He immigrated to the United States where he was vested as a novice at Villanova, Pennsylvania, on December 8, 1892. Several months later, in March, 1893, he underwent the amputation of his foot at St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia. He returned to the Villanova Monastery on May 27, 1893, on crutches, but professed that he was ‘glad to be home again.’

On May 28, 1894, he received Viaticum while fully conscious and passed away quietly and easily three days later, on May 31, 1894 at the age of 23.

For the short time that he was with us, Brother Jerome served as a tailor of the community. He was buried in the Community Cemetery at Villanova on June 2, 1894.