Nazzareno Proposta, O.S.A.


1845 – 1910 (June 1)

Nazzareno Proposta was born in Latera, Italy, on December 26, 1845. He was vested with the Augustinian habit by his uncle, Father Agostino Semeria, at Genazzano, on March 19, 1856. After completing his early education in the minor seminary, he entered the novitiate at Genazzano under Novice Master Giuseppe Mecobelli and was professed on April 5, 1862, as a member of the Roman Province. He subsequently studied at Rome and Bracciano and made his solemn profession in 1866. He was ordained to the priesthood at Viterbo, Italy on March 19, 1869.

Father Proposta arrived in the United States on November 10, 1874 with Father Pacifico Neno, having sailed from Liverpool, England aboard the “City of New York.” He was a member of the first Provincial Chapter of the American Province, which was held in December of that same year and which named him Regent and Rector of Studies. During his seven years in the American Province, he served also as examiner for Holy Orders and Master of the Professorium, as well as professor of Dogmatic Theology and Ethcis. While stationed at Villanova he attended the consecration on March 17, 1876 of Bishop Thomas Galberry. He also designed a large seal for the bishop upon his nomination as Bishop of Hartford.

Father Proposta was later stationed at Schaghticoke and Mechanicville in New York, for a time as assistant to Father Filippo Izzo. Father Nazzareno was a member of the Provincial Chapter of 1880 which transferred him from Villanova to Saint Paul’s in Mechanicville with Father Izzo. On January 26, 1881 Father Nazzareno was invested with the cap and ring, indicating his reception of the Master’s Degree by the Prior General. That same year, he and Fr. Izzo left Mechanicville on June 14, to return to Italy, sailing from New York. Father Proposta then taught once again at Viterbo and later at Saint Monica’s, Rome. In 1883 he returned to Viterbo for reasons of health. There he served at various times as prior, regent of studies, and professor in the diocesan seminary. 

Father Proposta retired to Genazzano because of poor health where he died at the age of 65 on June 1, 1910. He is buried at Genazzano.