November 29 – Blessed Frederick of Regensburg


The final commemoration of the Augustinian calendar is reserved to a German lay brother, Blessed Frederick, whose secret to holiness and whose message to us, is one of humble service and generous offering of self for the well being of others.

His life of prayer and devotion to the Eucharist were the food that nourished his spirit and strengthened his daily resolve to live for God and to practice love for his brothers – which is the heart of the Gospel.

Frederick was born in Regensburg (Ratisbon), Germany, and joined the Order there in the Monastery of Saint Nicholas. His life as an Augustinian was marked by humility and generosity, dedication to prayer and great devotion to the Eucharist. His talents served the community principally as carpenter and woodcutter, activities in which he demonstrated his concern for his fellow religious and the needs of the monastery.

Frederick died on November 29, 1329 in Regensburg where devotion to him continued without interruption, and the testimony of miracles attributed to his intercession, were gathered. Frederick is buried at St. Cecelia Church in the city of Regensburg. Pius X beatified him on May 12, 1909. 

History has not left us a great deal of factual information about Blessed Frederick. Perhaps this is an indication of the ‘ordinariness’ of this servant of God, who spent his religious life in fidelity to the daily cycle of prayer and work which characterize so many religious of his day and ours. Frederick reminds us that loyal devotion to one’s state in life, lived in faith, charity, and generosity, is the material of which holiness consists.