Celebrating Religious Brothers Day Saturday, May 1st

On this 5th Annual Religious Brothers Day, we celebrate and give thanks for our Augustinian Brothers and for the fraternal life we share in common as Augustinians! As friars we experience “a call within the call” to be brothers or priests, but our first and essential shared vocation is to brotherhood according to the Augustinian vision of religious life. 

Let us pray that the witness of Religious Brothers may draw all persons to know, love, and serve God in this world. As Pope Francis puts it, “we only have life if we give it; we truly possess it only if we generously give it away. Saint Joseph has much to tell us in this regard, because, through the dreams that God inspired in him, he made of his life a gift.” 

Listen and watch now as Br. Bob Thornton, O.S.A., from our Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, shares what it means to him to be an Augustinian Brother.