Watch Live as Bishop Robert Prevost , O.S.A. Becomes a Cardinal

A member of the Order of Saint Augustine, Archbishop Robert Prevost, O.S.A., will be among 21 bishops who will become cardinals on September 30 during the Vatican Consistory.

As to his new appointment, Cardinal-designate Prevost recalled the words of Saint Pope Paul VI, saying that “being a cardinal is a mission of love with Christ, our Savior,” and that “a cardinal is called to give his whole life in service to the Church.” He also says, “I just pray to the Lord that I will be faithful in trying to fulfill what Pope Francis and the Church is now asking me.”

The consistory will take place on Saturday, September 30 at 10:00 AM in Rome (4:00 AM Eastern time). If you are an early riser we invite you to tune in and watch this exciting event for yourself. (More of a night owl? You’ll be able to watch the consistory at the same link later.)

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