William H. Sullivan, O.S.A.

1926 – 1999 (August 29)

William H, Sullivan was born on February 10, 1926. He entered the Order as a Novice in New Hamburg, New York in 1943 after graduating from Saint Augustine High School in San Diego, California. After his formation and theological studies he returned to his alma mater to teach English. He also taught at Villanova Preparatory School in Ojai, CA and in the Augustinian staffed Carroll High School in Washington, D.C. In 1962 he returned to Saints as assistant vice-principal and in 1974 was named assistant superintendent of schools in the San Diego Diocese. During this time he also served as a member of the Priests’ Senate and the executive committee of Villa Nueva, the Augustinian sponsored housing project in San Ysidro, CA. Father Sullivan, or “Sullie,” also edited the California Province newsletter.

Father Sullivan was called to Rome to coordinate publications for the Order in the late 1970′s. Upon his return to the United States he served as associate pastor in Our Lady of Grace Church in Castro Valley, CA and in St. Patrick’s Church in San Diego. In 1989 he was chosen to serve on the formation team of the newly formed international novitiate for English speaking novices in Racine, WI. 

He returned to San Diego in 1995 due to the harsh Midwest winters and failing health, living at the Saints monastery. He died in the San Diego Hospice Hospital on August 29, 1999. He is remembered for his wit, his mastery of the English language, and his far reaching friendships.