Jerome D’Ambra, O.S.A.

1885 – 1963 (August 18)

Jerome D’Ambra was born on October 7, 1885 in Foro d’Ischia, Naples, Italy, one of six sons of Giovanni D’Ambra and Loretta Castagliolo. After immigrating to the United States he lived for many years in Philadelphia, where he was employed as a shoemaker, and became well acquainted with the friars at his parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, South Philadelphia. He entered the Order on May 29, 1931, and was vested on May 22, 1935. He made profession of vows on May 23, 1936 at New Hamburg, NY before Father Lorenzo Andolfi, Commissary at the time of the Italian Vice-Province. His solemn profession took place on July 4, 1939 at Our Lady of Pompeii in Dobbs Ferry, where he spent 20 years.

Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

A Japanese parishioner of mine went on a tour of the Holy Land. His pilgrimage took him to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where he was gazing with admiration at the people praying there so devoutly. Overcoming his shyness, my friend approached a man and asked politely if he came here often to pray before the holy stones. “I sure do,” replied the man.